Establishing the Nitrogen Cycle with Beneficial Bacteria

At some stage of your aquarium journey, you'll probably encounter the concept of "aquarium maturation." In essence, this refers to establishing a stable biological environment that's conducive to safely housing fish. This stability is achieved through maintaining the appropriate balance of biological bacteria. Mature aquariums boast sufficient levels of beneficial bacteria essential for neutralizing harmful compounds in the water, such as NH4, which bacteria convert into less harmful NO2, and eventually into NO3, which is safe for fish and beneficial for plants. This process is commonly known as the nitrogen cycle.


Aquaforest Life Bio Media and Life Essence
Cycle Your Tank Fast

USE: Life Bio Media significantly speeds up the nitrogen cycle preparing your new aquarium for fish in 24hrs.

HOW IT WORKS: High-quality agent containing nitrifying bacteria from the Nitrospirae and Nitrobacter families. Specially selected bacterial strains accelerate the removal of ammonia and other toxic organic compounds. It is also beneficial to use during regular water changes for maintaining a biological balance. The use of AF Life Essence at the start of the aquarium significantly speeds up the process of its maturation. AF Life Essence is perfect as supplementation of bacterial flora after filter cleaning and treatment of fish with strong bactericidal preparations.

HOW TO USE:10 ml per 100 l (27 US gal) of water daily for first 2 weeks of setting up the aquarium. Shake before use. Additional dose is also recommended after fish loss or fish stock increase and weekly water change


Managing Macro and Microelements with Aquaforest Freshwater

To uphold optimal water conditions for plant growth, it's often necessary to supplement the water with essential elements and fertilizers that may be lacking or depleted. The consumption of these elements varies based on factors such as light intensity, plant species, and quantity, necessitating careful monitoring through tests or experimentation. Conducting water tests enables precise determination of element consumption in the aquarium, facilitating the selection of appropriate fertilizer doses. While water testing is the most accurate method for assessing aquarium parameters, it does incur additional expenses, such as purchasing drop tests or ICP tests. Alternatively, a less precise yet safer approach to fertilizer application involves continual tank monitoring. Signs such as green algae growth on glass surfaces and leaves may indicate excessive fertilizer use, while symptoms like yellowing and stunted growth could signal deficiencies.

For plants to grow, they need a steady supply of macro and microelements. These elements are quickly absorbed by the plant’s roots and leaves directly from the water column. The optimal parameters for plant wellbeing and growth are:

freshwater parameters


Aquaforest Micro additives
Optimize Plant Growth

USE: AF Micro, as a perfectly digestible composition of bio available elements, guarantees healthy looking aquarium plants.

HOW IT WORKS: A regular dosage of the AF Micro allows providing the right amount of bioelements necessary for the proper, healthy and flourishing growth of aquatic plants. The unique formula ensures a significant acceleration of plant growth, but also their intense colors and healthy look. Micronutrients are involved in the formation of chlorophyll, biosynthesis of proteins and in many biochemical transformations. Deficiencies cause photosynthesis process disorders, chlorosis, leaf deformation, but also the inhibition of growth and development.

HOW TO USE: 8 drops per day or 4 ml AF Micro per 100l of water once a week.


Aquaforest Carbon Boost
Combat Algae

USE: It can be used both as the main method of carbon supplementation and as an additive supporting an existing CO2 installation. AF Carbon Boost is extremely helpful in combating algae.

HOW IT WORKS: Carbon is the base of all organic compounds, it is essential for the intensive growth of plants. Too low carbon content in water leads to the inhibition of plant growth and development. Regular use of AF Carbon Boost provides plants with the right amount of carbon in its most absorbable form, thus effectively replenishing its deficiencies. Specifically recommended for heavily planted aquariums.

HOW TO USE: In the aquarium: for small amount of plants: 1 ml AF Carbon Boost per 100 liters of water daily; for average amount of plants: 1 ml AF Carbon Boost per 50 liters of water daily; for large amount of plants: 1 ml AF Carbon Boost for 25 l water daily.


Aquaforest AF Macro
Enhance Plant Color

USE: Regular use of AF Macro ensures fast and healthy growth of plants and guarantees their intense and natural coloration.

HOW IT WORKS: The perfect ratio of macro nutrients provides all the necessary substances that plants use in their natural environment. Macro elements take part in cell structures, proteins and enzymes development, and they’re also a part of nucleic acids. AF Macro is not only the elemental building block, but its components also transport and accumulate energy. Deficiency of macro elements causes growth inhibition, weakening of shoots and discoloration of leaves.

HOW TO USE: 5 ml AF Macro per 100 l of water two times a week.


Aquaforest AF N Boost
Promote Plant Growth & Green Color

USE: The presence of nitrogen from AF N Boost influences growth of the plant, its propagation and green coloration of leaves.

HOW IT WORKS: Nitrogen deficiency causes growth inhibition, chlorosis and yellowing of the leaves, and further browning. The excess, on the other hand, is manifested by excessive growth, dark green leaves, while the plant is very delicate and less resistant to mechanical damage. The appropriate level of nitrate in the plant aquarium should be 10-20 mg/l. Nitrogen is absorbed by plants mainly in the form of nitrate and ammonium. AF N Boost contains mineral nitrogen forms that are well absorbed by aquatic plants.

HOW TO USE: 10 ml of AF N Boost dissolved in 100 l of water raises the nitrate level by 9.5 mg/l.


Aquaforest AF PO4 Boost
Avoid Leaf Browning & Decay

USE: Regular use of AF PO4 Boost allows to avoid deficiencies, that can slow down growth, cause browning and decay of leaf tips.

HOW IT WORKS: Plant demand for phosphorus increases significantly in highly illuminated, fertilized with CO2 aquariums. Regular use of AF PO4 Boost allows complementing the deficiency of this valuable macroelement in water and pays off in the form of healthy and luxuriant leaf development at a later stage of growth. The recommended level of phosphate in the aquarium is 0.5-1.5 mg/l.

HOW TO USE: 10 ml AF PO4 Boost dissolved in 100 liters of water raises the phosphate level by 0.4 mg / l.


Aquaforest AF Iron Boost
Strengthen Root Growth

USE: AF K Boost provides potassium fertilizer for aquatic plants.

HOW IT WORKS: Potassium deficiency is manifested by yellowing of edges and tops of the leaves, leading to necrosis in the later phase. Potassium concentration in the aquarium should be 10-20 mg/l. AF K Boost fully replenishes deficiencies of potassium, needed for aquatic plants. The formula is very quickly absorbed by the plants, thus the effects are visible within a short time of the application.

HOW TO USE: Supplementing should be continued until satisfactory results are achieved. 1 ml in 10 l of aquarium water will raise levels: K Potassium 5 mg/l.




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