Freshwater Starter Pack

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Freshwater Starter Pack - Essential Care for Your Aquarium

  • Enhances Water Quality and Clarity
  • Promotes Healthy Plants and Fish
  • Includes 8 Essential Products
  • Easy to Use and Effective


The Aquaforest Freshwater Starter Pack is your all-in-one solution for maintaining a healthy and vibrant freshwater aquarium. This comprehensive kit includes eight essential products designed to enhance water quality, support plant and fish growth, and ensure a clean and thriving aquatic environment. Perfect for both new and experienced aquarists, this kit ensures your aquarium thrives with minimal effort.


What's Included?

Carbon Boost (250ml): An easily-absorbable liquid carbon supplement for aquatic plants. It can be used as an everyday fertilizer to yield healthy, attractive plants. Due to pH stabilizing capabilities, AF Carbon Boost is extremely helpful in combating algae. Specifically recommended for heavily planted aquariums.

Macro (250ml): A highly concentrated basic fertilizer complete with macro elements necessary for intensive aquatic plant growth. Regular use of AF Macro will ensure fast and healthy growth and intense coloration for freshwater plants.

Micro (250ml): A highly concentrated fertilizer complete with all the micronutrients necessary for optimal plant development and photosynthesis. With its unique formula enriched with copper, manganese, iron, molybdenum, zinc, and boron, AF Micro provides aquatic plants with the essential micro elements needed for accelerated growth and intense colors.

Carbon Fresh (1000ml): High-quality carbon granulated filter media. It binds and removes undesired chemicals from the aquarium to improve water clarity without releasing phosphates into the water column. Due to its high porosity and large adsorption capacity, AF Carbon guarantees effective removal of contaminants, heavy metals, and drug residues in your freshwater aquarium. Perfect for use after medical treatments, in case of accidental water contamination, and during tank maturation.

Life Bio Media (1000ml): A natural, pre-seeded biological filtration medium designed for freshwater aquariums. Because it already contains specially selected bacterial strains, use of Life Bio Media accelerates the cycling process in new aquariums. This medium will also boost filtration efficiency in already established aquariums.

Purifying Resin (125ml): Absorbs nitrogen compounds to clarify water and keep algae under control. It is especially beneficial for heavily stocked aquariums that struggle with elevated nitrates. This special ion exchange resin works selectively, effectively absorbing nitrates from water without affecting the level of minerals necessary for a healthy aquarium.

Life Essence (250ml): A high-quality nitrifying bacteria supplement. Aquaforest has specially selected bacterial strains from the Nitrospirae and Nitrobacter families to accelerate the remove of ammonia and other toxic organic compounds from your aquariums. This solution makes for an excellent bacterial starter for cycling new aquariums, but is also beneficial to use during regular water changes, after filter cleaning, and following antibacterial medication for maintaining a strong biological balance. 

Water Conditioner (250ml):  Instantly neutralizes harmful Chlorine in tap water, making it safe for aquarium use. In addition to its use as a tap water treatment, AF Water Conditioner also contains added vitamins and protective colloids to support fish health and tissue regeneration after transport.

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