A160WE Tuna Sun LED Light

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Unrivaled Shimmer, Superior Freshwater Illumination

  • 6,000K - 9,000K Spectrum Range
  • On-board Dimming & Spectrum Control
  • 0-10v Controller Ready


The Kessil A160 Tuna Sun is a light specifically designed for aquarium plant growth. With the color and intensity knobs on the fixture, it's easy to tune the light to the perfect spectrum that's the most visually appealing and just the right intensity for the plants you're keeping in your aquarium.


Dense Matrix LED

Kessil builds their unique & efficient Dense Matrix LED array in-house and packs high-power and deep penetration into a single tiny array. The result is different wavelengths seamlessly blended together, emitting uniform color across the coverage range. This not only improves the visual appeal of the light entering the aquarium, but also reduces hot spots and provides a more uniform coloration and coverage over the tank. As a result, a beautiful shimmer affect will appear in the aquarium, giving the tank an appearance of increased depth and contrast.


Kessil Logic

After many years of R&D, Kessil Logic can be found on all of Kessil's LED lights. The A160 allows you to fine tune the overall color and intensity that the light puts out while keeping a spectrum that will be optimal for plant growth and health. With the Kessil Spectral Controller X or your favorite aquarium controller that has a 0-10v reference, you can set complete day cycles that ramp up and down, while keeping a consistent output and spectrum.



We recommend mounting the A160 Tuna Sun with an A-Series Gooseneck mount (sold separately). Hanging clips and hooks are included.



Maximum Spread: 24" x 24"

Recommended Spread: 18" x 18"

Multiple modules can be daisy-chained together with unit link cables for larger tanks.



Dimensions: 4" x 2.48"

Power Consumption: 40W

Power Supply: 100-240V AC (input), 19-24V DC (output)

Spectrum: 6,000K to 9,000K


What's Included?

A160WE Tuna Sun Fixture

DC Power Supply

Gooseneck Adapter

Set of Hanging Clips & Hooks

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Product Questions

I need to know the total depth of this light for a planted tank.
Question by: Tammy Braun on Jul 29, 2017, 7:29 PM
Hey there,
Thanks for getting in touch with us in regards to using Kessil lighting over your planted aquarium. I am not 100% sure on what your question is, but I think I understand. A160WE will cover a 12” - 24” area, at a height of 12” - 24” off the surface of the water respectively. Please let me know if there is anything else that we can assist with, Thanks!
Answer by: Tyler Schafer on Aug 2, 2017, 12:41 PM