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The Faces Behind LiquidArt Aquariums

LiquidArt is an aquarium line manufactured by Blue Thumb, a Michigan-based company which specializes in water features including ponds, waterfalls, fountains, and aquariums. The business is run by husband and wife duo Kip and Nicole. When asked about how the company was started, Kip had this to say:

"I was always into aquatics so I started cleaning aquariums for businesses while a senior in high school back in 1991 as a way to make money. After 4 years at college, I came back and purchased a pet store which would also serve as a base for my aquarium cleaning company. Many customers would come in asking for pond supplies and maintenance so a few years later I sold the pet store and started Blue Thumb which specialized in everything relating to ponds, waterfalls, and fountains- all the while maintaining the aquarium cleaning business. We then started manufacturing our own pond equipment and later started making our own acrylic aquariums."

kip and nicole of blue thumb


What Sets Them Apart

We asked Kip to highlight what sets these tanks apart from the competition:

"Our products are unique in that they are made from acrylic rather than glass.  These acrylic tanks are brighter, safer, and 17 times stronger than glass tanks despite being approximately half the weight of glass. Available with All-in-One (AIO) filtration across the back of the aquarium, these acrylic tanks are 40% clearer than glass and come with clean corners and a frameless design that give them a stylish, rimless look. Also included with these kits are high cabinets with soft close doors that provide ample storage space to keep your aquarium supplies and accessories close at hand."

We were able to snag some behind-the-scenes photos of these tanks in the manufacturing facilty. I was personally impressed by the ultra clarity these acrylic tanks have to offer-- you can see straight through the panes with zero cloudiness, discoloration, or distortion. Check it out for yourself:

acrylic tank from front 3/4 view acrylic tank from side view


It turns out that these tanks are no ordinary acrylic-- they are made with high-polished, museum-quality cell-cast acrylic. The panes have chemiclaly bonded seams which are covered by a Lifetime Warranty from leakage due to manufacturer defect. 


Flexible Options

The LiquidArt aquariums are available in three sizes in both standard and all-in-one models. Each tank includes a cabinet stand available in four different finishes to suit various home decor styles.

cabinet finishes in grey grain, wood grain, white, and black


All-In-One (AIO) Models

The All-In-One models include the acrylic aquarium with cover, built-in filtration across the back of the aquarium, Bacti-Twist filtration media, a 290gph magnetic drive pump, wood cabinet, and an acrylic-safe algae scrubber. 


Standard (Fresh) Models

The Standard models include the acrylic aquarium with cover, wood cabinet, and an acrylic-safe algae scrubber.