If you think CO2 is too intimidating, expensive, or a hassle, you've got to check out our new line of ISTA CO2 products. While many plants don't require CO2, adding it will make them fuller, healthier, and grow faster.

ISTA offers easy-to-use solutions for all setups. From full CO2 cylinders that come ready to use right out of the box, to super convenient CO2 tablets, ISTA makes adding CO2 to your tank a breeze. Plus, their products are modular—you can buy, replace, or refill individual elements as needed.

These CO2 solutions are incredibly easy to use, with options for all types of setups. Here's just a few from the line up:

Shop CO2 Starter Set

1. 1L CO2 Supply Set

Imagine having a full 1L cylinder delivered to your doorstep, ready to go with no trips to the hardware store needed. This package includes everything you need, including a 1L CO2 cylinder, regulator with solenoid, 3-in-1 diffuser, tubing, CO2 indicator supplies and more... along with a straightforward guide that walks you through every step!


Shop CO2 Tablets

2. CO2 Tablets

Another favorite is the CO2 tablets. Simply drop one into your tank, and it will produce CO2 for several hours, providing your plants with the CO2 they need. It’s as effective as a canister or cartridge, but without the need for pressurized CO2 equipment and at a fraction of the cost.


Shop CO2 Starter Set

3. CO2 Starter Set

Perfect for Nano Tanks or beginer aquarists, this kit includes an easy-to-use disposable CO2 can so that you don't need to worry about the hassle of refilling traditional cylinders. 


Shop 3-in-1 CO2 Diffusers

4. 3-In-1 CO2 Diffuser

These are some of the most practical diffusers available. Combined into a single piece, you have a check valve, a bubble counter, and the diffuser. The diffuser produces a mist of CO2 bubbles, generating maximum possible diffusion of CO2 in the aquarium. The ceramic plate can be replaced, making this a diffuser you can use in your planted tank for years to come!


One of the best features of ISTA’s brand is the flexibility to buy individual elements separately. Replace or refill any component easily-- you can even have a full 1.5lb canister sent directly to you!

ISTA offers more than just CO2 solutions. They also provide sponge filters, maintenance kits, and more. Explore the entire line and find the perfect products for your setup today!



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