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Titanium Heater Element

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100W Titanium Heater Element

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200W Titanium Heater Element

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300W Titanium Heater Element

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600W Titanium Heater Element

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Heat with Confidence-- Go BRS Titanium.

  • Corrosion-Resistant Titanium Body
  • Fully Submersible
  • Shatterproof
  • 3-Year BRS Warranty


The Bulk Reef Supply Titanium Heating Element solves many of the problems with conventional heaters. By separating the heater from the controller, it allows the element to do one thing-- heat your aquarium! Each element is built from corrosion-resistant titanium and comes with a 3 year BRS warranty, so you know it's built to last. Each heater is fully submersible and lets you place the heater right where you need it without any compromises. 

Because these heating elements don't have any on-board control, an external temperature controller is required. While there are several heater controllers available, we suggest the InkBird WiFi Controller or Finnex HC-810M.


Model Power Consumption Element Length Element Diameter Recommended Aquarium Size Power Cord Length
100W 0.83A @ 120VAC 10.25" 1" up to 40 Gallons 72"
200W 1.6A @ 120VAC 10.25" 1" up to 75 Gallons 72"
300W 2.5A @ 120VAC 10.25" 1" up to 100 Gallons 72"
600W 5A @ 120VAC 14" 1" up to 200 Gallons 72"


What's Included?

Bulk Reef Supply Titanium Heater Element

BRS Heater Suction Cup Mounting Kit

3-Year Warranty


Note: This is a heating element only. Separate Temperature Controller Required.

More Information
Instruction Manual BRS Titanium Aquarium Heater Element Manual
Diameter 1"
Included Mounting Suction Cup
WiFi No
Power Cord Length 6 Feet
Warranty 3 Years
Additional Notes *Requires a controller (not included) to operate
Temperature Control Controller (Separate)
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Product Questions

I have a 90g tank and 30g sump. I am able to fit the 600w Element in my overflow chamber without any problems. Or I can put 2 300w elements in the sump. Or 1 300w in my sump and 1 inches overflow chamber of the tank. What is your expert advice on what 1 of my options are best. Should I buy 2 300w elements or just the single 600w?
Question by: Dan Edsell on Dec 27, 2023, 6:45 PM
Hi there, thank you for the question. We would recommend going with x2 300W simply because if one fails, you will still have one heater producing some heat. As far as placement, we would recommend putting them in the sump.
Answer by: Grace Knowles (BRS Staff) on Jan 18, 2024, 12:43 PM
Can I use this heater in the rufugim section of my sump with out sorry tithe ketto?
Question by: Sven Pflug on Aug 11, 2022, 1:09 PM
Hey there,
Thank you for reaching out to us. Yes, you can use it in the section and it will not harm the Chaeto.

Please let me know if you need anything further and take care!
Answer by: Matt Lucero (BRS Staff) on Aug 12, 2022, 2:03 PM
Will it work with 240 volt current i have bayte controller to use it with the heater
Question by: Alaa on Sep 13, 2020, 4:59 AM
This heater is intended for 110v.
Answer by: Matt Lucero (BRS Staff) on Nov 5, 2021, 9:36 AM
I just purchased 2of the 600w heaters for my 180 gallon tank. Are these heaters safe to use in a acrylic sump?
Question by: raymond vallois on Apr 30, 2020, 9:47 AM
Hi Raymond,

Maintaining good flow over the heaters will also ensure there is no localized heat buildup. Provided the sump chamber housing the heaters does not run dry and the heating elements do not contact the sump directly they are 100% safe for use in an acrylic sump.

I hope this helps!
Happy Reefing
Answer by: Nick on May 12, 2020, 12:21 PM
Would 2x 300W elements cover a 225g DT w/ 50g sump and protect against destruction if either stuck on or off?
Question by: Steve Lary on Apr 15, 2020, 12:02 AM
Hi Steve,

Two of our 300 watt heating elements should be able to maintain your systems temperature provided the ambient temperature isn't outside of normal room temperature range. If you need much more than a 10 degree increase you may find your heaters are on all the time in which case you may want to add an additional heater or a larger heating element on a seasonal basis.
With the 300 watt elements, provided you can catch a failed heater within a reasonable amount of time, you should be able to take corrective action before the tank temp drops too low or gets too high. Having a stand-alone thermostat capable of alerting you to a significant drop/increase in temperature (i.e. an Apex) is ideal.

I hope this helps!
Happy Reefing
Answer by: Nick on Apr 17, 2020, 10:49 AM
When will these be back in stock?
Question by: Allan Kemble on Feb 3, 2020, 7:54 PM
Hey there,

We are hoping to get a shipment in this week!

Take care
Answer by: Thomas Billington on Feb 5, 2020, 12:04 PM
Is there a maximum length of time the heater should be on for or is it rated for continuous duty? Not looking for a conventional wisdom but actual ability.
Question by: Ryan Snodgrass on Jan 31, 2020, 9:28 AM
Hey there,

It is intended to be used for short periods of time to keep an aquarium at a specific temp. Outside of that use I would not be able to recommend.

Take care
Answer by: Thomas Billington on Feb 6, 2020, 9:04 AM
Hi, Can you use this heating element with the Inkbird controller?
Question by: Lisa Garrett on Dec 18, 2019, 7:32 PM
Yes, you can use these elements with Ink Bird controllers :)
Answer by: Joe on Dec 19, 2019, 9:34 AM
Hi Guys,
Definitely interested in your new heaters. But....
I currently have an 8" long heater which just manages to fit in the return of my HOB skimmer.
I see that your 100 watt heater is 2.5" longer.
My first question is; does the heater have to be submerged?
If not, how far down does it have to be, in relation to the water line of my skimmer?
Also - assuming it fits - I noticed the 150 watt model is the same size, yet only a few bucks more. All things being equal would be nice to have if I upgrade my tank (currently 38g).
But might it be more likely to damage the acrylic of my skimmer body than the 100 watt?
David S
Question by: David S on Oct 16, 2019, 2:32 PM
Hey there!

The heater does need to be submerged but not fully, if you look at the pictures we have you will see a line indicating how far the heater needs to be submerged. We highly do not recommend adding the heater inside of your skimmer, that is a bad idea if the skimmer stops working it will completely melt the acrylic.

Take care
Answer by: Thomas Billington on Oct 17, 2019, 2:19 PM