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OrganitR - Regenerable Dissolved Organic Material Adsorption Resin

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OrganitR - Regenerable Dissolved Organic Material Adsorption Resin (250 mL)

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OrganitR - Regenerable Dissolved Organic Material Adsorption Resin (500 mL)

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Improves Water Quality, Regenerable Over 250 Times!

  • Improves water quality by removing latent dissolved organic material
  • Raises redox potential (ORP) in aquariums
  • Removes dyes and discoloration from water
  • Will not release adsorbed organic material once exhausted
  • Ideal for use in nano tanks where a protein skimmer is not feasible
  • Does not actively remove trace, minor, or major elements 
  • Use with, or as a replacement for, activated carbon
  • Durable synthetic polymer resin beads with excellent flow characteristics
  • Can be used in fluidized-bed, canister, or passive filtration
  • Regenerable over 250 times

Brightwell's OrganitR is designed to significantly improve the quality of your aquarium water. It effectively removes latent dissolved organic material, reduces dyes and discoloration, and encourages higher oxidation-reduction potential (ORP). The synthetic polymer resin beads provide durability and excellent flow characteristics, making it suitable for fluidized-bed, canister, or passive filtration systems. It is especially ideal for small aquaria where a protein skimmer is not feasible. Unlike other filters, it does not actively remove trace, minor, or major elements, ensuring the essential balance of your aquarium. You can use it alongside or as a replacement for activated carbon. What's more, it is regenerable over 250 times, offering a cost-effective solution for maintaining superior water quality. 


Instructions for Use in Passive Filtration:

Place resin loosely in a 300μm mesh filter bag and locate in an area of low- to medium-flow. Turning bag over once during usage will serve to shift the resin beads and increases effectiveness of this method.
To regenerate: Dissolve 4 cups table salt in 1 US-gallon of room-temperature water per 250-ml of resin to be regenerated in a clean pail; place resin into pail and stir; allow beads to soak overnight; strain and rinse beads thoroughly in fresh water before re-using. 


General Guidelines for Use:

  • Prior to first use, rinse resin under fresh water and discard the water.
  • Each 500ml of resin helps maintain water quality in 300 US-gallons.
  • Resin will change color when exhausted, appearing medium-brown.
  • Weekly use and regeneration help reduce dissolved organic material and promote good water quality.
  • The resin remains effective for up to five years when used and regenerated regularly.
  • Longer reaction time with aquarium water increases the resin's effectiveness in removing organic material.
  • Use a mechanical pre-filter to remove particulate organic material before the water interacts with the resin for prolonged effectiveness.
  • For fluidized-bed filtration, follow the filter manufacturer's instructions for optimal media volume and flow rate.
  • For canister filtration, load the resin as directed and regenerate it as instructed.
  • Do not regenerate with bleach, which will damage resin and could kill aquarium inhabitants.


Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Not for human consumption

Note: Resin sold moist. Keep closed to prevent drying. Weight varies due to moisture content, therefore product is sold by volume rather than weight.



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