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15 Gallon AIO Aquarium w/ Freshwater LED - Waterbox

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Build Your Own Unique Ecosystem

  • Compact and Sleek Design
  • Integrated Filtration System
  • Freshwater LED Lighting Included


The Waterbox 15 Gallon AIO Aquarium with Freshwater LED is the perfect blend of functionality and elegance, designed to create a thriving freshwater ecosystem in your home or office. This all-in-one aquarium features an integrated 3-stage filtration system for maintaining pristine water quality and the advanced FLED 17 lighting system to promote healthy plant growth and vibrant fish colors. With its compact design and user-friendly setup, this aquarium kit is ideal for both beginners and experienced aquarists.


All-In-One Rear Filtration

A simplified 3 stage filtration system keeps your filtration media in the rear of the aquarium, maintaining a sleek and effective filtration method.

  • Stage 1: Water passes through the included filter sock to remove debris and particulates from the water helping to maintain water quality
  • Stage 2: Carbon removes discoloration, organics and toxins from the water. Ceramic rings provide surface area for beneficial bacteria to grow. Sponges break up any bubbles in the system and will trap any larger debris.
  • Stage 3: The aquarium water has been through mechanical, biological and chemical filtration and is now returned back to the aquarium.


Plant-Ready Lighting Included!

The Waterbox FLED 17 is a top-tier freshwater lighting system designed to elevate your aquarium's aesthetic. Its advanced LED technology ensures excellent illumination, promoting healthy plant growth and showcasing vibrant fish colors. The built-in automatic timer allows for two separate schedules to change color balance and light intensity. The sunrise and sunset feature ramps the light intensity up and down to simulate a natural environment.



Overall Dimensions: 19.7" × 13.8" × 13.8"

Overall Filtration Compartment (interior dimensions): 13.4" × 3.1" × 13.3"

Filter Sock Chamber (interior dimensions): 3.1" × 3.1" × 13.3"

Media Chamber (interior dimensions): 4.9" × 3.1" × 13.3"

Pump Chamber (interior dimensions): 3.1" × 3.7" × 13.3"


Other Specifications

Display Volume: 15.2 Gallons

Pump Flow: 80 GPH

Glass Thickness: 5 mm

Lighting: 28 LEDs (14 White, 14 RGB)

Lighting Wattage: 32W

Filter Sock: 225 Micron, 2.75" Felt


What's Included?

15 Gallon AIO Aquarium

FLED 17 Lighting (no controller)

225 Micron Filter Sock

Carbon Pellets (150g)

Ceramic Rings (300g)

80 GPH Return Pump w/ Plumbing

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UPC 810039394472
Aquarium Size 10 - 20 Gallons
Aquarium Type All in One, Peninsula
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