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Xport-BIO Freshwater Plate - Biological Filtration Media

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Promote Efficient Bacterial Colonization in Ponds & Freshwater Aquariums

  • Ideal for all soft or hard freshwater aquariums & ponds
  • Provides huge amounts of aerobic and anaerobic surface area for efficient bacterial colonization
  • Each 2" of block has about 10,000 square feet of useable surface area
  • Reduces toxic ammonia and nitrites to near zero
  • Reduces phosphate significantly and dissolved organics
  • Dimensions: 9"L x 8"W x 1.5"H
  • Made in the USA


Xport-Bio Freshwater is a superior biomedia that utilizes NanoIntelex Technology allowing Brightwell to create one of the best, most adaptable biomedia on the market today. Made specifically to allow beneficial nitrifying bacteria to colonize within the vast amounts of surface area within the cube's internal pore structure.

  • Utilizes NanoIntelex Technology to create an enhanced material with vast surface area for colonization by beneficial nitrifying bacteria, resulting in the rapid and efficient conversion of ammonia into nitrite and nitrate.
  • The highest colonizable surface area to volume ratio of synthetic biological filtration media available.
  • Higher efficiency relative to conventional media results in smaller space requirements to achieve equivalent nitrification.
  • May be employed to rapidly decrease ammonia and nitrite concentrations in even the most heavily-stocked aquatic systems.
  • May be used in conjunction with Xport-NO3 and Xport-PO4


Xport-BIO is not a chemical filtration media; it must be seeded with appropriate bacteria to begin nitrification. Simply placing Xport-BIO into an established aquarium will slowly seed the media, however seeding with MicroBacter7 will significantly decrease cycling time and therefore results in faster results. In all systems, begin with a ratio of 150 g Xport-BIO per 300 US-gallons (1,136 L) in system. Nitrification will typically begin within one day; rate of nitrification increases with time (generally mature within 2 weeks) and increasing nitrogen content in system. 


Instructions for Use:

For freshwater aquarium use: Rinse material well with purified tap water. Seed using Florinbacter or Florinbacter Clean by placing in a plastic container, filling it with aquarium water, and then adding the full recommended dose. Stand overnight and then add to your system. Discard soak. Use fine filter floss to prevent clogging with organic material and prevent churning. Do not fluidize or allow to churn. For maximum results, also provide a good carbon source for growing bacteria, such as Brightwell FlorinAxis.


Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Not for human use or consumption.


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