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Redoxlclean - Water Quality Enhancer (500 mL)

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Immediately correct any "hiccups" in water quality

  • Immediately improves water quality
  • Enhances organic material decomposition
  • Allows for more effective proetin skimming, chemical & biological filtration
  • Safe for use with all fish, inverts, and plants
  • For use in marine, reef, and freshwater aquariums
  • Raises redox potential (ORP) in aquariums
  • Leaves zero residue
  • Perfect for heavily-stocked, heavily-fed systems
  • Formulated by a marine scientist

At some point or another, many aquarium owners will face a problem when there is a sudden increase in organic material in the water. This can harm the aquarium's inhabitants, even leading to death in some cases. Usually, people solve this problem by doing a big water change and using special filters to remove the harmful substances; However, these methods don't always work fast enough to prevent injury. Similarly, if many new animals are added to the aquarium at once, the organic material in the water can become too much and make all the animals sick.

RedoxIclean is a helpful tool for aquarium owners who want to support the natural cleaning processes in the tank when there is too much organic material. It works by reacting with the unwanted material and breaking it down, so it can be easily removed. Experienced aquarium owners know that unexpected things can happen, so having RedoxIclean can reduce the problems caused by too much organic material and help the existing filters work better. It's also good to check the ORP in the water, especially in tanks with lots of animals, because if the ORP suddenly drops, it's a good indicator there is too much organic material.


Instructions for Use

Marine Aquaria: Add up to 15 drops (~0.75 ml) per 50 US-gallons (189 L) twice daily at intervals of at least 12 hours, for up to 10 consecutive days. If invertebrates appear to close their polyps or shells, then decrease dosage by 50% and employ for up to 20 consecutive days. Allow at least 7 days before re-dosing.

Freshwater Aquaria: Add up to 15 drops (~0.75 ml) per 25 US-gallons (94.6 L) once daily for up to 7 consecutive days. Allow at least 7 days before re-dosing.


Before Use:

  • Remove activated carbon from system
  • Discontinue ozone use for 7 days prior to addition of RedoxIclean
  • Wait two days after addition of new livestock before using RedoxIclean

Do NOT use Redoxlclean under the following circumstances:

  • in systems lacking adequate latent organic material to react with
  • in systems less than 30-days old
  • within 12-hours of performing a water change of more than 25% of the total system volume
  • in aquaria that are dosed with a "time-release" iodine supplement
  • in aquaria actively employing chelated copper medications
  • in aquaria employing chelated iron for plant supplementation

Additional Notes:

Use of RedoxIclean of may temporarily discolor water a shade of magenta, which will then become tea-colored as organic material is oxidized; the water will gradually become clear afterwards. Use of activated carbon after dosing RedoxIclean will speed the clarifying process. Do not allow ORP to exceed ~450 mV. To neutralize immediately, add an equal volume of Erase-Cl to the system in an area of high water flow.


Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Not for human consumption. If in eyes, flush for 15 minutes with water, including under eyelids. If ingested, give large quantities of water. Contact a physician immediately. Wash off of skin immediately; contact with skin or organic fibers will result in a stain.


Ingredients: Proprietary blend of manganese salts.

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