Poly Fiber Filter Pad

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White Poly Fiber Filter Pad

  • Ideal as a Pre-Filter Before Other Filter Media
  • Polishes Water for Improved Clarity
  • For Saltwater or Freshwater Aquariums


The Cut-to-Size White Poly Fiber Filtration Pad is ideal for removing particulates in marine and freshwater aquariums. Its durable fibers effectively trap both large and small free-floating debris, ensuring your aquarium stays clear. This versatile pad fits easily into various filtration systems like wet/dry, sumps, and canister filters, and is particularly effective when placed before biological and chemical filter media.

Using this pad in conjunction with other filter media types, such as ammonia and nitrate reducers or carbon pads, further enhances its filtration capabilities. Regular replacement of the Poly Fiber Pad is crucial for maintaining high water quality and promoting the health of your aquatic pets, as it helps remove organic compounds and maintain a balanced aquatic environment.


Size: 10" x 18"

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