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NeoTiger KH+ / GH+ - Freshwater Neocaridina & Tiger Shrimp Mineral Supplement

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Establishes mineral balance in purified (RO/DI) and soft water for freshwater neocaridina & tiger shrimp tanks

  • Establishes mineral balance in purified or exceedingly soft water
  • Optimized for freshwater shrimp aquariums & forested and/or river water biotopes
  • Provides a beneficial ratio of potassium, calcium, magnesium, and sodium
  • Supports osmoregulation of fish, invertebrates, and aquatic plants
  • Can be used to re-establish mineral concentrations between or after water changes
  • Formulated using extensive research on the ionic composition of tropical river water 


NeoTiger KH+ / GH+ is designed to meet the specific mineral requirements of neocaridina and tiger shrimp, as well as fish and aquatic plants common in freshwater tropical forested or riverine environments. Based on current aquatic research, this supplement ensures proper osmotic balance and biochemical function, promoting the long-term health and survival of these organisms. It establishes an optimal mineral balance in purified or exceedingly-soft water, including the following:

  • Calcium - for blood clotting, bone formation, and several metabolic processes in fish, as well as cell wall stability/permeability and enzymatic processes in plants.
  • Potassium & Sodium - required for proper neurological and muscular functioning, as well as for protein synthesis, water and charge balance, and enzyme activation in plants.
  • Magnesium - a component of chlorophyll and is utilized in enzyme activation.
  • Sulfur - a component of proteins and the coenzymes that are involved with nutrient utilization and growth.
  • Silicon, as silica - an important component of plant cells, helping increase their strength and improving root growth. It acts as a buffer against pH shifts.

It's important to note that TDS and GH measure different things in the water and cannot be directly converted. GH measures the amount of certain minerals like calcium and magnesium, while TDS measures the amount of conductive ions. This information is given for reference only. In general, water in forested areas has a lower concentration of minerals, so the general hardness and TDS are also low. NeoTiger KH+/GH+ is made to adjust water chemistry for different fish and plants in aquariums. However, if you have fish from the East African Rift Lakes, it's recommended to use Rift Lake Chemie to add minerals to purified water because it's specially made for those types of fish.


Instructions & Guidelines

Consult a reference book listing the water chemistry requirements of the shrimp, fishes and/or plants being maintained to determine the optimal range of GH and/or TDS. Remember to adjust pH and temperature of the water prior to adding it into an aquarium housing live organisms.

Determine GH and/or TDS in the aquarium prior to treating purified water with NeoTiger KH+/GH+, then follow directions below accordingly. Shake bottle well before each use. This product is designed for Neo Caridina and Tiger Shrimp, primarily.

To increase GH/TDS in a pre-established aquarium: Dose up to 4 ml (2 pumps if equipped with a pump) NeoTiger KH+/GH+ per 10 US-gallons per hour until desired GH/TDS value is attained. Changes to water chemistry, regardless of the parameter being adjusted, should always be done gradually rather than rapidly.

When preparing water for a water change: For every 5 US-gallons ( 19 L ) of reverse osmosis or deionized water to be changed, add 2 ml (~1 pump) NeoTiger KH+/GH+ to purified water or tap water and mix thoroughly to raise the GH by 1 degree and the KH by .57 degrees.

When preparing water for a new aquarium set up: Always adjust the water chemistry prior to adding live organisms to the aquarium. If setting up a planted aquarium and placing the plants into the substrate prior to completely filling the aquarium, adjust the GH, KH, pH, and temperature of the water in a separate vessel (e.g. in a large, clean pail or vat) before adding it to the aquarium. Do not add a large volume of purified water to the aquarium and then attempt to adjust the water chemistry afterwards, as this will be stressful to the inhabitants. Use the Advanced Instructions to calculate the amount of NeoTiger KH+/GH+ that will be required to bring about the desired change in GH/TDS to the volume of water to be used.

Advanced Instructions: Each ml of NeoTiger KH+/GH+ will increase the GH and KH in 10 liters or 2.5 US-gallons of water by 1 dGH and .57 dKH. Each pump is 2 ml. To obtain as specific GH, divide the desired change in GH by 2.5 then multiply this number by the net volume of water (in gallons) in the aquarium. Example: if the GH in 20 US-gallons is to be increased by 2 dGH, then add 16 ml NeoTiger KH+/GH+ (2 ÷ 2.5 = 0.8 ml per gallon; 0.8 ml per gallon x 20 gallons = 16 ml).

Shrimp need iodine to molt and for overall health. Brightwell recommends that all aquariums housing freshwater shrimp use Florin-I.

Caution: May cause eye or skin irritation. If in eyes, flush with water for 15 minutes, get medical attention. If on skin, wash thoroughly with water. Keep out of reach of children. Not for human consumption.

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