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Neo Flow Premium: An All-Inclusive Lily Pipe Set

  • Compact Design: Small radius, so it can be installed more closely to the glass.
  • Durable Construction: Made of clear PETG - stronger than glass or acrylic.
  • Easy cleaning: Unlike stainless and glass products, cleaning is easier because the inlet and outlet parts can be separated from the pipe.
  • Surface Skimming: The surface skimmer helps to eliminate oily films on the water surface


Neo Flow Premium is a set of clear inlet and outlet pipes with a compact design. Neo Flow is made from a PETG material, making it more durable than glass or acrylic lily pipes. This also means that it has some elasticity to it, so it is very difficult to break and has a subtle amount of flex. Despite being durable, these pipes can be easily cut if your aquarium requires a shorter length.


Neo Skimmer Surface Skimmer Included

The Neo Skimmer attaches to the Neo Flow's outlet tube and offers some of the best surface skimming ability out there, but with a minimalist design. The oil film that is passed through the Neo Skimmer is broken up into very small pieces, which allows for it to be sucked up into your filtration system. Because this device is attached to the outlet, any curious fish that may end up inside are immediately returned back into the aquarium.

Neo Reliever Flow Director Included

The Neo Reliever Flow Director allows you to perfectly customize the water flow coming out of your filter and has a minimal size of just 40mm in diameter and a thickness of just 26mm. The water flow varies depending on the number of wings installed and the degree of rotation. If only one wing is mounted, the water flow is formed in one direction. 



Pipe Diameter: 17mm


What's Included?

Inlet Tube

Outlet Tube

Inlet Strainer

90 Degree Flow Director Elbow

Neo Reliever

Neo Skimmer

2x Tube Holders

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