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Foresta Paludarium 60E

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An Immersive Hybrid Ecosystem

  • Built-in filtration system, cascading waterfall, and a misting system
  • Designed to support both aquatic and terrestrial plants
  • Crafted from high-quality glass
  • Dimensions optimized for space efficiency


Immerse yourself in the beauty of a miniaturized natural world with the Foresta Paludarium 60E by Ultum Nature Systems. This state-of-the-art paludarium combines the artistry of aquascaping with the complexity of a terrestrial ecosystem, offering an unparalleled experience of nature within the comfort of your home. Its integrated system not only simplifies maintenance but also enhances the health and growth of both aquatic and terrestrial plants. Whether you're a seasoned hobbyist or new to the world of paludariums, the Foresta Paludarium 60E provides everything you need to create a captivating and thriving ecosystem.


Misting Chamber - Atomizer

Designed to emulate jungle-like conditions for tropical terrestrials and aquatic plant species grown emergent. Atomizer produces a gentle layer of fog to increase humidity levels and support healthy plant growth.

Filtration and Waterfall Chamber

A thick, high-quality reusable sponge aids in preventing large debris and waste from building in the secondary and tertiary chambers. Water supply is polished and flow is improved to support the waterfall effect and a healthy ecosystem. To maintain and prevent overflow spills, remove the sponge periodically and rinse in clean water.

Water Flow Chamber - Pump

The fully submersible water pump efficiently moves water through the chambers and provides flow to the lower section of the paludarium. It is also responsible for supplying the Atomizer with water for the cascade waterfall effect.

Foresta Mat

Foresta Mats provide a quality foundation for aquatic and terrestrial plants. Its surface retains the ideal amount of water to support attached species while remaining permeable for essential air flow. These pair perfectly with the Ultum Nature Systems Integrated Paludarium allowing the user to create a beautiful live plant wall.

Foresta Line

Foresta Line is a synthetic thread that is perfect for attaching plants to hardscape material or desired surfaces. It is extremely durable, will not degrade over time, and comes in a green color to blend seamlessly with a variety of aquatic and terrestrial plant species.





23.62"L X 14.17"W X 17.72"H (Overall)

23.62"L X 10.33"W X 17.72"H (Display Area)

23.62"L X 3.84"W X 17.72"H (Rear Chamber)

Glass Thickness: 6 mm


5.4 Gallons (Display Area)

Pump Max Flow Rate: 158.5 GPH

Foresta Line: 480 meters


What's Included?

Foresta Paludarium 60E

Glass Lid

Foresta Pump

Outflow Pipe

Bio Sponge Media

Atomizer Stand Holder

Atomizer Mist Maker Set

Foresta Mat (12 Pack)

Foresta Line



Note: Plants, hardscape, and substrate sold separately.

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