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FlorinVolcanit Rio Café-F - Planted Tank & Shrimp Substrate (Brown, 3mm)

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FlorinVolcanit Rio Café-F - Brown 3mm (15 lbs)

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Ideal Substrate for Planted Shrimp Tanks

  • Comprised of natural volcanic ash
  • 3mm brown particulate substrate
  • Ideal for plants, fish, and invertebrates requiring slightly acidic, low-GH water conditions
  • Binds elements that contribute to hardness, lowering general hardness and resulting in a slight acidification of alkaline water to a pH of less than 7
  • Develops strong root systems
  • Encourages nutrient-uptake
  • Maintains oxygenated roots
  • Made in the USA

Brightwell FlorinVolcanit is a specialized substrate designed for freshwater shrimp and planted tanks. It consists of natural volcanic ash particles measuring approximately 3mm in size, offering numerous benefits for aquatic plant growth and the long-term care of fish and motile invertebrates that thrive in slightly acidic, low general hardness (GH) water conditions. The volcanic ash substrate has the unique ability to bind elements that contribute to water hardness, effectively lowering the GH and resulting in a gentle acidification of alkaline water to achieve a pH level below 7. When used as a primary substrate, it promotes the development of robust root systems, enhances nutrient uptake by plants, and ensures well-oxygenated roots. FlorinVolcanit is proudly made in the USA, guaranteeing high quality and reliability for your aquarium needs.

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