1. brsfresh team and josh's frogs with paludarium

    BEAUTIFUL 60E Paludarium Build! Collaboration with JoshsFrogs

    Come build this beautiful paludarium with Josh's Frogs and BRS Fresh! This is the UNS 60E Paladarium filled with live plants and moss. Zach from Josh's Frogs really knows his stuff! Watch as this...
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  2. Use Seiryu Stone in Your Aquarium

    How to Choose and Use Seiryu Stone in Your Aquarium: A Comprehensive Guide

    Passionate aquarium enthusiasts are always on the lookout for ways to elevate their aquariums. Seiryu Stone is a popular choice of stone for aquarium aquascaping because it pushes the imagination....
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  3. Aquascaping Driftwood

    Ultimate Guide to Aquarium Driftwood: Choosing, Preparing, and Styling

    Creating a captivating aquarium aquascape requires attention to detail, and one often underlooked element is aquarium driftwood. In this comprehensive guide, we'll dive into aquarium driftwood,...
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