Prodibioa aquarium care program

When it comes to nurturing your freshwater aquarium, Prodibio understands the importance of caring for your bacteria, plants, and fish. Prodibio is dedicated to crafting recipes using natural solutions inspired by nature itself.


Prodibio BioDigest

1. BioDigest

Primary Use: When starting a new aquarium to kick-start the nitrogen cycle.

BioDigest is composed of natural bacterial strains selected for their ability to contribute to the biological filtration of the aquarium. These nitrifying and denitrifying bacterial strains work by converting ammonia into nitrites, nitrites into nitrates, and nitrates into nitrogen.

Stop Ammo

2. Stop Ammo

Primary Use: When starting a new aquarium, or if ammonia is a concern in an established system.

Stop Ammo is a fast-acting ammonia blocker that helps prevent the surge of ammonia and nitrates. It's a natural product based on plant extracts which quickly traps ammonia and transforms it into compounds such as amino acids and proteins that are beneficial to the bacteria in your aquarium.

Prodibio Start Up

3. Start Up Rapid Cycling Kit

Primary Use: When you're looking to add fish to a new system quickly.

Prodibio Start Up combines Stop Ammo and BioDigest in one pack. Together, these additives allow you to safely introduce fish to a new tank within hours, making it an ideal choice for both beginners and seasoned aquarists looking for a hassle-free start-up solution.

Prodibio Biovert

4. BioVert

Primary Use: Provides Macro Nutrients Including Nitrates and Phosphates

BioVert Ultimate is a growth supplement for aquatic plants. It is intended for medium to heavily planted aquariums with few fish. It contains concentrations of nitrates, phosphates and potassium in optimal proportions for the growth of aquatic plants.

Prodibio Biovert Plus

5. BioVert Plus

Primary Use: Provides Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Trace Elements, and Iron

BioVert Plus is a growth supplement designed for aquatic plants in low to moderately planted freshwater aquariums with a medium to large number of fish. It includes potassium, calcium, magnesium, trace elements, and bioavailable iron while also being free from nitrate and phosphate.

Prodibio Carbonliq

6. Carbon-Liq

Primary Use: Promotes Dense Plant Growth

Carbon Liq is a liquid organic carbon source for aquatic plants, designed for use in freshwater aquariums. It aids in enhancing plant growth through photosynthesis by providing bioavailable carbon. This product is not a liquid CO2, but it can be used in conjunction with CO2 systems.

Prodibio Chloral Reset

7. Chloral Reset

Primary Use: Natural Water Conditioner for Freshwater or Marine Aquariums

Chloral Reset is a versatile water conditioner ideal for both freshwater and marine aquariums. It effectively removes harmful elements like heavy metals, chlorine, and chloramines, promoting a healthier environment for all aquatic life. Enriched with vitamins and colloids, it also nurtures fish mucus, reducing stress and enhancing overall well-being. Suitable for a range of aquarium sizes, Chloral Reset is a comprehensive solution for those seeking a safe and natural water conditioning option.

Prodibio BacterKit Soil

8. BacterKit Soil

Primary Use: When seeding substrate and live rock with beneficial bacteria.

The BacterKit Soil Kit is made up of live bacterial strains specific to substrates as well as the nutrients and prebiotics necessary for their full development. The result is optimal biological filtration within the substrate and the quick degradation of waste present on and within the substrate. These bacteria are in direct competition with algae and cyanobacteria, making this kit ideal for both new and established aquariums.

Prodibio Alg'out

9. Alg'out

Primary Use: Helps Reduce Phosphates

Alg'out prevents the appearance of algae by trapping certain phosphates dissolved in the water-- one of the main causes of algae growth in aquariums. It's safe for fish, invertebrates, bacteria, and plants, as it contains no herbicides, pesticides, or antibiotics. Alg'out is best used as a preventative measure.

Prodibio GH+

10. GH+

Primary Use: An Easy Way to Raise GH in Freshwater Aquariums

The GH or total hardness of water corresponds mainly to the quantity of calcium and magnesium ions present in the water. The higher the GH value, the harder the water. The lower the GH value, the softer the water.

Prodibio KH+

11. GH+

Primary Use: An Easy Way to Raise KH in Freshwater Aquariums

Prodibio's KH+ is designed to increase carbonate hardness (KH) levels in freshwater aquariums. KH measures water's ability to withstand variations in pH. The higher the value, the more stable the pH value. KH values should be adapted to the species being kept in the aquarium.

Prodibio Betta Start

12. Start Up Betta

Primary Use: Helps with Biological Filtration in New Setups

The Start Up Betta kit pairs Prodibio Bett'Activ and AquaBacter. It allows for the use of tap water in Betta aquariums and provides the necessary bacteria for a strong and efficient nitrogen cycle.

Prodibio Goldfish Start

13. Start Up Goldfish

Primary Use: Helps with Biological Filtration in New Setups

The Start Up Goldfish kit pairs Prodibio Gold'Activ and Aqua'Bacter. It allows for the use of tap water in aquariums for goldfish and provides the necessary bacteria for a strong and efficient nitrogen cycle.